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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wolves Made to Work in Derby Clash

The always intense Liverpool derby between Liverpool Wolves and Speke took place last weekend at Greenbank Sports Academy in the City as the English National League’s northern section continued.

Liverpool Wolves were continuing their bid to reach the play-offs, while for Speke Garston this was all about rivalry and pride, as their play-off options are very distant.

The game started with two strong defences, marking the two high scorers in both teams, left half Perez for Speke and Nuno Carvalho for Liverpool.

The strong defences, combined with some good saves from both goalkeepers, helped to keep the score low. It wasn't a pretty handball game: The ball wasn't moving swiftly and all came down to one on ones.

This is when the young Wolves starting showing what they are made of. Liverpool Wolves played five Under-18 players who consistently scored. Brian Au from the wing, Callum McKenzie scoring some cracking goals from the right half, and Przemyslaw Trzeciecki creating screens for all of them. Liverpool Wolves managed to pull some extra breaks towards the end of the first half getting a four-goal lead at half time.

But Speke Garston weren't finished. A commendable fighting spirit and a superbly positioned defence helped them to erase the goal difference bit by bit and before anyone realised it, they were only one goal down with 15 minutes to go.

At that point Liverpool Wolves needed something to lift their spirits, and that came in the form of a superb double penalty save from young goalkeeper Bradders! Liverpool Wolves found their speed again and the day was culminated with a Kempa goal from Liam Welsby, all in his first ever appearance with Liverpool Wolves.

The final result was 27-21 to Liverpool Wolves. But Speke Garston never gave up, and this year have shown a great handball club spirit and brought new lads to the sport, giving them court time and doing a great job with young lads in the community.

Watch them when their lads get more experience next year!

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