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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Avery Hits Form as Salford Win

LEADERS Salford cruised to a comfortable 35-12 victory over Leeds Hornets in the English National League’s northern section, to maintain their narrow advantage at the top of the table.

The game began in the usual manner for Salford as they quickly opened up a five-goal lead. However, some great goalkeeping from Lukasz Narel in the Leeds goal gave them a spur of hope and allowed the Yorkshire side to get back to within three at the quarter hour mark.

Alas though, that was the closest Leeds were to come. Salford's almost impenetrable defence allowed Leeds to score just one more goal by half time. In comparison Salford retained their rhythm scoring a further 7 to go in at half time ahead 13-4.

The second half was to be no better for Leeds. Salford's superior fitness combined with their strong defence just made life too difficult. Even when they did manage to get a shot on target Rob Avery in the Salford goal proved to be more than a match for it.

By the 50th minute Salford's lead had grown to 20 goals at 28:8. Although the Leeds goalkeeper was still making life difficult for Salford, who had to revert to a wide variety of creative shooting techniques to beat him. By full time though, the gulf between the two teams was evident for all to see with Salford notching up another victory by more than 20 goals at 35 goals to 12.

Notable performances on the day came from Lukasz Narel in the Leeds goal, despite the final scoreline.

From Salford Aden Woodall with 10 goals and 6 assists, Josh Hampson with 6 goals and Ryan Goodwin with 5 goals and 4 blocks were the notable court players. And with a 62 per cent save rate, plaudits also must go to Rob Avery in the Salford goal.

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