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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Overtime Thriller in EHA Cup Semi Clash

MANCHESTER reached the final of the EHA Men’s Cup after a thrilling extra-time victory over Olympia in their semi final clash at Belle Vue in Manchester on Sunday.

The victory not only gives Manchester a place in the Cup final on June 5, but gives them revenge for the narrow defeat they suffered to Olympia three weeks ago, which effectively ended their push for the National League title.

Manchester led 19-10 at half time, but Olympia clawed it back to 32-32 at the end of normal time, before the home side edged ahead in extra time.

Nine goals down at the break, Olympia’s impressive 3-2-1 defence caused many ball losses to Manchester's static attacks, and several consecutive fast breaks reduced the deficit to four before eventually equalizing with a few minutes to go.

Manchester looked stunned for much of the second half, and Olympia went two goals ahead with two minutes left.

The last few seconds of the game saw Olympia with possession with a one-goal lead, but they lost the ball and Lasek and Hammache combining on a 2 v 2 to score with just two seconds remaining.

However, Olympia had used a lot of energy to send the game into extra time, while Manchester heeded the wake-up call.

They took a two-goal lead which they kept over the first five minute half. Starting with the ball in the second half of extra time, they extended the lead to three. Although Olympia scored some important goals, Manchester replied systematically and finished the game with a Kempa.

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