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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Partille Action for England Boys and Girls

BOTH boys and girls teams from England and Scotland are in Sweden this week, taking part in the Partille Cup as part of the Olympic Solidarity Programme.

Funded by the organisers of the tournament, the teams are receiving top-class coaching from the event’s Chief Instructor Ulf Andersson, and after playing several friendly matches against other nations on the Olympic Development Programme, they are taking part in the Partille Cup proper this week.

The Olympic Development Programme is a co-operation between the Tournament organisers and the International Handball Federation and the International Olympic Committee.

The idea of the scheme is to invite developing countries in handball for over two weeks to provide training and inspiration to the development of handball in their own countries.

This year six countries with twelve teams and 220 players and leaders are taking part from England, Scotland, China, India, Singapore, and America.

In the friendly fixtures played already last week, England Boys narrowly lost out to Savehof Youth Team, 30-34 and 19-29, while the England Girls (pictured) drew once and lost once against China, 12-12 and 11-15.

Scotland Boys also narrowly lost, 28-31 to Singapore and 29-34 to China. And their girls team beat America twice, 18-10 and 23-12.

More reports from the Partille Cup will follow next week.

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